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Tuesday, 22-Feb-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
AidilAdha n Chinese New Yr 2005

My fellow meddies- Omar n ALi (@ darul Isra)
Kamal x puas hati ngan aku...
Dgn pelakon Hindi terkenal - Faraz
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HMMM I know, I know, It's late to post up some pics of those events ... but nevermind. Been busy lately, so had no time to do that earlier.
Here I put my own collection of pics taken during Hari Raya Aidiladha and Chinese New Year.
We in UK celebrated AidilAdha on Thursday, which was appparently earlier than Malaysia. I heard the late-change of AidilAdha date had sparked disputes btw ppl, especially those in Saudi. 0)
Hmmm since the Day was btw exams, as well as project deadline, I celebrated it in a very modest way. Had to skip the whole lectures of the day. That didnt make me happy at all!!! 0) however, I had enough time to recharge for the next Homeostasis exam which took place on the following Monday . Me n Housemates went to Darul Isra for "sembahyang Raya". There was a huge crowd. But luckily we got there early, so we could find a place to sit on.
Then Chinese New Yr took place. To be honest, I couldn't remember exactly when it was. 10hb Feb kot. Gong Xi Fa Choi to my chinese friends... And many thanx to Kean n Denice for organizing 'makan-makan'. The foods were perfect. Yee-sang was the best. (May be Coz that was my 1st time eating yee-sang. But whatever it is, it tasted really good). After the occasion, me n frens had to rush to the Main Building for the Islamic MEdical Ethics talk organised by ISOC.
There are few random pics of Hari Raya Aidilfitri as well. Hope u enjoy them!!!

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Festival of DIVERSITY (FOD) 2005

Ude, Aina, Jaya
Jaya and Puvi, they look awesome in Saree
The crowd
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It was an extravagant event... With the presence of hundreds of guests, No doubt it could be among the frontiers of all Malaysian Nights. Heard from somebody, the tickets were all sold out!!!
Technically, this is the second year MSSCF made an intiative to organize such a glorious event. This event is not entirely for Malaysians, But it's a platform for the organizers to showcase the best of MALAYSIA to the local people. Its an honour to receive the attendance of plenty locals.
Talking bout the show abit, hmm much better than that of last year. Last yr we could see some ppl with 'syok-sendiri' show (mind me!!). But this year no more. Congratulations GUYS!! It was an outstanding play (thou not as good as those in Istana Budaya la kan)...
The event started at 6. 2 hours spanned for dinner, followed by the 3-hour show. Had to walk to get to the National Museum and Gallery. But nevermind, coz the venue looks so exclusive and posh.
I ate so little coz it was so horrendously horrible (amik ko) devastating to cut the chicken with spoon and fork (me a typical Malay la.. what can I say then). On my way home "kebab or not kebab or not??".... Oh ya it was snowing that nite, so i thought its better to go home straight away. Then that nite... "ku rasa lapar bukan kepalang!!!"
What else?? think that's all... enjoy the pics...


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